EDTC 300

Blogging About Blogs

When I first went onto Feedly, I looked for blogs that I knew would be popular, and current. I did not want any blogs that were whacky, or ones that would not help me further my knowledge for this class. Lots of sites, and blogs out there today are irrelevant, and can confuse us more than help us sometimes. So, I took Katia’s suggestions for some blogs, and began to search for some other helpful blogs that pertain to education, and edtech. To my delight, I found some very good blogs that were very helpful. I will not lie, I did have some difficulty grasping Feedly, and how to read all the blogs, but once I did it was really useful. I found my sources through curiosity, and searching different hashtags. I found an especially useful blog that pertained to Twitter. A blog site called Emerging EdTech wrote a post about how kids can use social media for good, and not just casual use. In the blog, it showcased how kids can do an assignment and create a hashtag for it. The students can be very interactive by sharing their project over Twitter, and show it off to other classmates. Another useful way to utilize Twitter is to create a live tweet when on a field trip. This way, kids will be able to share their information with other kids, but remember it by telling what they learned through the live feed. This article shows why teachers should use social media in their classrooms because kids are going to be on their phones more often than not. The students will be more likely to show interest if they can learn through a source that they are very familiar with. This post is relevant because social media is going to become more and more popular throughout the years. This source gave a bunch of great ideas for tech forward teachers, and how they can really engage their students. So, instead of shying away from social media, we as teachers should embrace the positive powers that sites like twitter, and Facebook may have on our students. By using sites like these, kids will be more interested in the topic because it allows them to learn in a way they feel is interesting. All in all, my first encounter with Feedly was productive, and now that I found some good sources I should be able to get a lot out of the site. 


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