EDTC 300

All About Me (Introductory Post)

Hey class! My name is Jadon, and I am in Pre K-5 Education, and I am loving every minute of it. I chose the elementary side because I feel males are severely under represented in the elementary side, and I would like to do my best to change that. When I first came to Regina, I had aspirations to become a RCMP officer, but after working with kids back home I found out that teaching was the career I liked best. I enjoy seeing a child smile after you help them out. Being their role model is something that i embrace, and really enjoy doing. Other than that, I have played hockey ever since I was a little boy, and to this day love the sport. I also enjoy hanging out with all my buddies, and going to the gym.


To this point, I have not completed much educational technology, but when I become a teacher, technology will be a big teaching tool for myself. In my mind, being proficient with a computer, and any type of technology is very important in today’s society. Everyone has a cell phone, and majority of people have computers, so we might as well use them for learning. Lots of the research we do today is with computers, and not with books. Although books are still a very helpful way of finding research, I think the internet gives us a faster way of finding information. As for blogs, I believe they are a good, informal way of expressing out thoughts. They are also a great way to get classmates involved with comments, and it creates an online community where we can all share our thoughts. I had the chance to first start blogging in ECS 110, and I felt it was a good way to express my opinions without the pressure of keeping everything professional. In school, and even in real life, we stress the importance of professionalism, but sometimes it is nice to just freely write without having to worry about certain structures a paragraph should take.






1 thought on “All About Me (Introductory Post)”

  1. Hey Jadon, It’s great to hear that a love of teaching and being a role model has brought you to teaching. I also really appreciate that you are conscious of the fact our elementary students need more male role models leading their classrooms. Awesome!


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